Alcuna Wilds – Suburban Noir

Alcuna Wilds

The video for ‘Surburban Noir’, is a loose interpretation of Lord Alfred Tennyson’s poem, ‘The Lady of Shallot”, and the painting of the same name by John William Waterhouse. The video charts the final journey of the pale, redheaded ‘Lady of Shallot’ as she floats, dying from an unexplained curse, down the river to Camelot. Certain motifs from the poem are weaved in visually, such as the chain of the boat slipping from her hands, her ethereal singing as she dies, and the hands of the nobles as she eventually drifts into Camelot. Close ups, looping, inverted shots and unexpected camera angles are used in an attempt to underpin the sense of claustrophobia, disorientation and inevitability in the narrative.

The song ‘Suburban Noir’ explores the idea of the banality of modern life and the relentless struggle to maintain the illusion of a perfect life, all viewed “through a window”. It comments on how people exist in a world of their own making, as dictated by the demands of society. It questions whether reality is the one that is created or the one that exists beneath the veneer. As the pressure and boredom of this existence comes to a head, people make sudden decisions with wild abandon that cause these carefully constructed worlds to collapse, and how this causes both dark pleasure as well as total destruction.

Director: Michael Boulas
Producer: Mark Boulas
Creative Director: Nadja Freeman
Camera Operator: Merel van Enden
Production Assistant: Maarten Slooves
Actress (The Lady of Shalott): Sanne Engelen
Hair: Timmi Norman