360° Friends Of The Family

Friends Of The Family have more members than there are days in a week, so it was this reason that we chose to use a 360 camera and make a video for them which allowed you to see them all in one screen!
The concept began the band members playing their song in a circle around the 360 camera, and soon evolved into a full on 360 virtual scavenger hunt.

The video begins with Gijs (the lead singer) reciting a riddle he wrote, and then the viewer gets instructed to find the 12 letters hidden within the video that make up the answer.
The entire video was shot in one take, and was filmed by the members themselves as we attached the camera to a monopod and an iPhone which played the song for them to sing along to.

Have you found the letters and the answer yet??

Director: Mark Boulas & Michael Boulas
Producer: Patrick Rietvelt