On The Road With Kris Berry

Our adorable friend Kris Berry had a once in a lifetime opportunity to tour around the UK and perform at sold out venues, such as the O2 Arena, The Royal Concert Hall & The Phones 4 U (as well as 8 other shows), as support for Caro Emerald. All she had to do was raise enough funds, and she did this through an art & music based kickstarter campaign in The Netherlands. She managed to raise the funds thanks to her beloved fan base, friends and family and eventually started her unforgettable journey. As a result Kris asked us to come along to document the tour and we weren’t going to give up that chance!
Nadja Freeman, went along with Kris berry and released 4 videos during her time with Kris & the band which you can see below.

  • Client: Kris Berry
  • Skills: 4 - Tour Videos