UNICEF – Paul van Vliet

Our hometown of The Hague is known as the city of peace & justice. It is the host city for international conferences and a meeting place for dialogue and debate. From the ICC (International Criminal Court) to the Peace Palace, which has been the symbol of peace for over 100 years, our city is always promoting peace and the equality of all.

Every 2 years The Hague supports a good cause for 1 year. 10 years ago UNICEF was the 1st good cause for which The Hague collected money. This year the Dutch branch of UNICEF is celebrating its 60th anniversary, so it is the perfect time for the municipal executive to choose UNICEF as its good cause for 2015.

So throughout 2015 all of The Hague will be in action for UNICEF, the children’s rights organisation of the United Nations. The municipality, the business sector, schools and sports associations will jointly collect money for a full year. The money will be spent to build a better future for children in Indonesia.

We helped UNICEF create this portrait video of legendary resident Paul van Vliet, who is widely regarded as one of the great Dutch entertainers. From Stand up comedian, to TV personality, from singer to poet, Paul van Vliet has done it all and experienced all. Including living through world war which affected many. In our portrait video Paul van Vliet tells us about his childhood and what it’s like growing up during a war, and how it affected him.

This video is meant to raise awareness for the many children in Indonesia who are growing up in the middle of a war, and many of those who don’t have the opportunity to be a child. Something every one should have the right to be….