After having abdicated her throne to her eldest song Willem Alexander, Our great nation no longer had a queen (Oh Beatrix how we adored you and your hats) but a KING!… A GINGERKING!
To celebrate the occasion, our friends created this line of T-Shirts to commemorate our beloved GingerKing and all the possible hairstyles he could don. This T-shirt pack includes a t-shirt, an orange sheet of (stick-on) fur, and some coloured markers. It is up to you what crazy hairstyle and/or beard mustache you would like to give the GingerKing and proudly wear him during Kingsday (our biggest day and party of the year in The Netherlands)

We made a simple stop motion to show how it works and what the possibilities are for you GingerKing.

  • Client: GINGERKING
  • Skills: 6 - Corporate